How to ? - Visitor Counter

What is Visitor Counter ?

Visitor counter shows the number of hits on your website.

Does the Counter base on a particular page or site ?

The counter is based on site, it means the value is shared by the whole site.

Can the counter be used in SSL site ?

Yes, The counter will function correctly. Yuu need to point to

The counter is not counting , why ?

The counter will not count if the request from the same ip as previous hit.

How can I setup a visitor counter ?

Just copy the following code into your page.

Can I set a initial value or reset the value to zero ?

Yes, All you need to add is "?reset=0" after "HCount.xhtml" if you want to reset your counter or enter the number you want to set the counter value.

Can I use different font ?

Yes, All you need to do add is to add "?font=0" after "HCount.xhtml" .

The following fonts are avaliable at the moment :

SET 0  

SET 1  

SET 2  

SET 3  

SET 4  

SET 5  

SET 6  

SET 7  

SET 8  

SET 9  

SET 10  

SET 11  

More fonts may be available later.

Can I set the length of counter ?

Yes, All you need to add is "?length=0" after "HCount.xhtml".

Can I set the background of counter ?

Yes, All you need to add is "?bgcolor=ffffff" after "HCount.xhtml".

I still not sure how to do , have you got any template ?

Yes , click here to download the template.

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