How to ? - Mail Direct

What is mail Direct ?

Mail Direct excludsively provide by ITSS to its customer. When you setup a form and send to mail direct , our system will determine your email address and send the information contain in the form to your email.

How can i use Mail Direct ?

All you need is submit your form to :
" " from your website.

Where is the email going ?

The email will send to site registered owner's email address.

Can the email send to somewhere else ?

yes , just add a hidden field "returnmailto" and put the email address in value.

What will be display after the form submited ?

It will show a "message sended" text , and return to your home page in 5 second.

Can I use SSL with mailDirect ?

Yes , your URL become
" login name here)/(page name here) ".
If you use SSL with mailDirect "returnurlpath" and "returnmailto" become required field. and you should submit the form to :
" "

Can I set a thank you page ?

Yes , Design your thank you page and add a the full URL to a hidden field "returnurlpath".

I still not sure how to do , have you got any template ?

Yes , Download avaliable here.

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